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Photograph of the garage

Rosneath Engineering Limited
Dorset House
East Sussex TN7 4BD

Tel: 01892 770035


Welcome to Rosneath Engineering Limited, Ferrari Specialist on Sussex/Kent Border

Urgent message

If you are buying a car with a Rosneath Stamp in the Service book, please feel free to call me to check that this is a genuine service record as we have come across situations recently where someone has copied our stamp and details in service books (and not only in Ferrari cars). It appears that some cars are being represented as serviced by Rosneath Engineering Ltd where this is not the case

Now that Rosneath Engineering has closed for all mechanical work, we are sorting out all the new and used parts we have accummulated over the years and will gradually add them to the website.

Please have a look at the parts available and email me if you would like any further information or photos of the listed parts or if you are looking for something not listed, please contact me as we have many more parts too numerous to list. If you ring, please leave a message if I am not here or preferably email me with your request.

Many Thanks

Meg Stafford

Managing Director