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Photo of Ferrari V8 parts

Rosneath Engineering Limited
Dorset House
East Sussex TN7 4BD

Tel: 01892 770035


Used Parts for Ferrari V8 engined cars for Sale

We are sorting through lots of our new and used parts that we've had a long time and will adding them to this page gradually.

These parts have been collected over many years. Please email if you are looking for a specific part or if you want a photo of any of the parts listed


124982 Front road spring £ (NEW)

169913 For 355 2.7 to chassis 101576 original exhaust £250

157403 For 355 2.7 from chassis 101579 original exhaust £250

168988 For 355 5.2 original exhaust £250

308 engine and gearbox parts

We have blocks, conrods, cylinder heads, valve springs etc, camshafts and many more engine parts eg

128794 Crankshaft (1st oversize mains and big ends) £1200

114604 308i Inlet manifold R £250

114987 308i Inlet manifold L £250

114437 308i Plenum Chamber £195

117357 308i Throttle body £195

Twin distributors together with HT leads and camshafts

Bell housings, drop gears etc


Wheels /Tyres

308 14x7.5 Four original option wheels offered for refurbishment with Michelin XWX £1000

308 14x6.5 wheel (no tyre) £250

308 308GT4 Series 1 - two wheels 14x6.5 £595


308GT4 rear side glass with chrome frame

Mondial Cabrio rear side glass (RHS)

308GT4 Seats

Rear seat in beige

Rear seat in black